“Ladies Who Lunge has been perfect for me – a working mother who was lacking the motivation to set aside the time needed to exercise properly. Mandy’s easygoing approach means she works around my available time (even if only 30mins) to fit in an exercise session at my house.

By no means an athlete, I work-up a sweat with exercises tailored to my ability, and enjoy a few laughs along the way. Keeping each session interesting ensures I look forward to my training sessions with Mandy and will continue to do them.”

“Having retired and turned 70 we knew it was important to have regular and targeted exercise. Mandy has fulfilled all our needs and wishes.  As a personal trainer one could not ask for more.  Mandy was always conscious of our age and ability and regularly developed new programs  to extend us.

We happily recommend and endorse Mandy as a creative, skilled and reliable personal trainer who always delivers great  results”.

“I must say that I am not one of the most excitable persons when it comes to exercise. Earlier this year my daughter asked me to join her in PT sessions provided by Mandy. I knew I needed to do something to improve my health and fitness so went along with the idea.

At first I wasn't too committed and often looked for reasons to get out of the sessions. I'm really enjoying my workouts with Mandy now. I love the variety in our sessions and each week can feel the improvements.....not to mention I'm even better than my daughter in some of the challenges. I feel much better in myself”.

“If there’s one thing I want from a personal trainer, it’s for them to look fit and to practise what they preach. With Mandy, what you see is what you get – she’s fit and active, advocates everything in moderation, and pushes you to try your hardest with her signature Scottish humour.”

“Once upon a time, I used to run half-marathons. However, that changed when I had a baby and a husband on a fly-in/fly-out roster. Suddenly, my ‘me’ time for enjoyable exercise was non-existent. Sure, I could push the baby in the pram around my suburb, but it’s not the same level of exercise enjoyment and intensity when you practically have to pack everything but the kitchen sink for a 45 min walk. Enter, Ladies Who Lunge. Hooray! Once or twice a week, Mandy would come to my house at a time that suited (i.e. when my daughter was asleep) and use my back deck as a quasi-gym, and I started seeing results within a few weeks.

I’m currently pregnant again and have paused my sessions with LWL, but I know I’ll have Mandy to help get me back into shape into my pre-pregnancy jeans within a few months after Baby #2 arrives. (She will NEVER make me enjoy burpees though!)”

“In May 2013, I started my journey with Mandy.  At the time, I lacked the motivation to work out on my own and was feeling that any exercises I tried, were not yielding the results I wanted. I knew I was at an unhealthy weight, but most of all I was not feeling good within myself and had to do something to change my life. When I spoke to Mandy in my consultation, I could see how passionate she was about helping me reach my goals.

With our first session, I could see how educated she was when it came to health and fitness and how she truly cared about your personal well-being as well as being very supporting and motivating. Mandy’s style and variety of exercises surpasses those of all my previous trainers where I only had 1-2 sessions and quit. I can honestly say, I look forward to training with Mandy every week! If you are looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares for you, then look no further then Ladies who Lunge with Mandy!”



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